Air Conditioning

Linc Digital is ahmedabad's first name in cooling ,through projects and products( Daikin & Voltas ) in airconditioning and refrigeration. As pioneers and leaders we have provided solutions for every conceviable segments like hotels,commercial building,corporates,industries etc.

Over the decade,Linc has time and again been in first in the region with the technologies and solutions in HVAC industires like,

  • Chilled water system with both the Chillers and Chilled water low side wokrs
  • Variable refrigerant volume suystems with inverter scroll compressor
  • Pharmaceuticals Industries.

Linc has an association with Daikin and Voltas since one decade and having the products like ,

  • Chillers
  • VRVs
  • Domestic and commerical units like Hiwall and Cassette

We have participiated in projects for large Airconditioning systems involving imported equipments.We ensure superior quality of equipment and workmanship with advanced engineering skills.We have full fledged team of qualified engineers and technical staff to caryout the trunkey projects.

High Side - Daikin McQuay Chillers
Centrigugal Chillers

  • With Single Compressor : - 200Tr to 1250Tr
  • With Doubel Compressor : - 400Tr to 2700Tr

Screw Chillers

  • Water Cooled Screw : - 110Tr to 510Tr
  • Air Cooled Screw : - 150Tr to 550TR
  • Scroll Chillers : - 2Tr to 45Tr

Air side products

  • AHU
  • FCU
  • Ductable and Package Units

Low Side works

  • Execution of chilled water system
  • Chilled water piping with insulation
  • Pumps
  • Ducting with insulation
  • Valves
  • Cooling tower
  • Hepa filter
  • Riser
  • Termperatre and Humidity monitring
  • Air Distribution
  • Validation

Key Projects:-

  • Unique tags P Ltd. - The job consisting complete chilled water system including 200Tr Chiller and chilled water low side works.
  • L & T Limited - low side works including AHU and spiral ducting.
  • Intas Pharama ceutical limited - 800Tr Chiller ,Ductable,cassette units and its low side works.
  • Roselab Biosicences - Condensing unit with Ahu including low side works.
  • Kiran Gems P Ltd - Ductable units low side works.