Water Treatment

Water and Sewage Treatment

Linc Digital realizes the impact of man on environment and aims to reduce energy requirements of institutions where it works. We promote solar-powered solutions that are efficient and top of the line. Water purification and waste water recycling projects are designed and executed for hotels, industries, and residences. Our solutions are in the span of drinking water (RO) plants and water softeners, centralized water treatment solutions, solar centralized hot water solutions, swimming pools and a range of pumps.
ION Exchange has been our trusted partner for Water Treatment solutions since 2003, and we have expanded to include Honeywell ECC as our OEM partner for our solar powered devices.

At Linc Digital, we promote judicious use of all resources, including water. We make waste water from industries, institutions, hotels and hospitals safe for reuse or for return to nature through our Waste Water Recycling solutions. We install single tank prefabricated Sewage Treatment Plants and conventional STPs in civil tanks, with our major projects at Taj Hotel (Ahmedabad), Narayani Heights (Gandhinagar), Hyatt (Hyderabad) and more.